provides live scoring solutions for fishing tournaments.

About is a software company that provides custom, live scoring, real time software solutions to fishing tournaments around the world.

CatchStat was started in 2005 and has since provided live-scoring to over 200 tournaments around the world. The CatchStat team is a group of talented software programmers that are also experienced anglers. The team is constantly upgrading and updating the CatchStat scoring engine to ensure that customers always utilize the latest technology and mobile ready platforms.

The CatchStat team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and provides 24-7 technical support to all customers.

 Tournament Live Scoring

An efficient, reliable, and proven fishing tournament live scoring software engine provides instantaneous scoring, statistics, images, and videos to tournament teams, anglers, family and friends. CatchStat customizes each live scoring solution to quickly provide real time scores and fishing statistics for each tournament category or award to spectators worldwide. We take pride in automating the scoring for even the most complicated tournament categories. CatchStat uses enterprise level hardware and software to be able to deliver high performing solutions to clients.

 Software as a Service delivers live scoring software as a service with the power of the cloud. CatchStat has adopted the SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model. This means that clients and spectators do not need to download any software or mobile applications to their computers or mobile devices but instead have fast, secure, and reliable access to full feature software, live scoring, and real time statistics through the internet on any internet enabled device. is a centrally hosted and optomized solution. Tournament directors have the ability to select a basic CatchStat tournament design or fully customize their solution to impress any audience.

 Mobile Ready Platform fishing tournament live scoring software solutions are designed with the latest technology to be mobile friendly and fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. web based applications automatically scale to fit the display size of the viewing device. This provides an outstanding user experience for tournament directors, teams, anglers, and spectators.

 Software Licensing and Prices

CatchStat prices each fishing tournament individually. We work with each tournament director to make sure we reach the desired level of customer service and customization. Please contact us today to quickly receive a quote on your CatchStat Live Scoring Solution.

 Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We work hard to please each customer. Our tech team is available for fee based on-site support during your fishing tournament or free 24-7 remote support.

 Contact Information

We are here to answer your questions and provide you service. You can reach use by phone (+1.888.549.5558), by email (, or by using our Contact Us page.

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